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what is airless spray painting?

Airless spray painting is a technique used by specialist professional painting contractors where paint is applied to a surface at high pressure using a spray gun. It is a technique that requires specialist equipment, training & experience. When applied correctly, this method of paint application can save masses of time without compromising standards, in actual fact the results are generally unparalleled by any other method of paint application.

In layman's terms paint is picked up through a syphon & pressurised in a piston. The paint is then ejected through a spray gun at uniform high pressure onto the surface to be coated. The pressure acts as the propellant & there is no air or chemicals added to the paint in the process, hence the term 'airless'. The paint is atomised as it passes through a spray tip at 3300psi & directed using a spray gun. The result is an extremely fast, flawless finish.

  • Over 2lt/min paint delivery.
  • Perfect for larger projects where speed is of the essence & a perfect finish is paramount.
  • All types of paint can be applied using this method, from products as thin as stains through to heavy latex finishes.

The area to be sprayed is generally turned into a spray-booth, whether that is a room or a whole house. Anything that's not being painted is masked over ensuring nothing gets contaminated with unwanted coatings or substances.

what are the benefits?

There are three main benefits of using this technique.

  • SPEED - Rapid speed at which paint is applied, leading to a faster turnaround time for painting a property.
  • COST SAVING - This has the obvious added benefit of saving on labour costs, the bigger the project the more labour is saved. If a property is ready to be sprayed it is fairly standard for us to spray all the walls & ceilings of the whole property from top to bottom in a single day. This can save about a weeks worth of labour.
  • QUALITY - The finish is unparalleled. When good quality paint is sprayed onto a well prepared surface the result is a paper-like finish.


  • Increased productivity for handling medium residential & commercial jobs.
  • Perfect for larger projects such as property development & new builds.
  • A uniform thick coating is applied, thus reducing the number of coats required.
  • Paint application is 'contactless', meaning no mechanical applicator comes into contact with the painted surface.
  • A very 'wet' coating can be applied, ensuring good penetration & adhesion to porous substrates - especially important for mist-coats & primers.

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our service

Our trained staff are experienced & competent in the use of our state of the art spraying equipment & have received City & Guilds training in Health & Safety. Our spray painting services appeal to the individual customer & larger building firms alike. We carry out work on one-off projects where we manage the whole process, prepare the area for work & then apply the coating as required. We also supply our services to the building trade for projects such as small individual property refurbishments through to regular large scale residential developments & commercial building projects. Again, we can either mask-up & prepare the area beforehand or we can just turn up & spray an area that's already been prepared by our customer.

Useful for applications such as:

  • Mist-coats & primers.
  • Standard coatings such as: acrylics; vinyl; eggshell; satinwood; gloss.
  • Specialist coatings such as: stains; enamels; latex; waterproof coatings.
  • Residential interior walls & ceilings.
  • Shutter & garage doors.
  • Commercial building facades.
  • Fence spraying.

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